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See What I See In the Sea, (Book $15)
The latest collaboration between Noel and Dave "Emo" Emmerson - A delightful romp through the sea-grass and coral, introducing our under-sea friends with fabulous rhyme and glorious colour. (Suitable for 1 to 8 year-olds)
See what I see in the sea
The Bush Animal's Band, (Book $15)
Winner of the Australian Bush Laureate Award for Best Children's Poem of the Year.
(Suitable for 1 to 10 year-olds)

$20 & $2 Post

Let's Laugh Till We Die (CD $20)
Aussie Bush Poetry

1. Mischief Mick
2. The English Class
3. Lipstick Capers
4. The Adventure Playground
5. Mary Beth McFay
6. Does It Really Bloody Matter
7. The Clothesline Masterpiece
8. Pet-Mania
9. 'Twas One Sunday In November
10. Both Ladies wore Red
11. All Present & Correct
12. One-Fourty-One Cream Cowrie Shells
13. Kokoda - They Failed Our Men
14. What does Being Aussie Mean?
15. The Ties That Bind
16. They Came
17. The Blacksmith
18. The Garden Club
19. Our First Aussie Saint - Mary MacKillop
20. Sam Nagasaki


$15 & $2 Post

Aussie Verse (Book $15)
Aussie Bush Poetry

Does It Really bloody Matter
The Clothesline Masterpiece
What does Being Aussie Mean?
You'll Win If You Grin
A Father's Call
A Simple love Story
'Twas One Sunday In November
Mischief Mick
Original Australians
The Adventure Playground
Dibber-Dobber Land
Our First Aussie Saint - Mary MacKillop 1842 - 1909
Kokoda - They Failed Our Men
The English Class
The Rainbow Serpent
The Poet's Gift
What Penelope Put On The Organ
The Ties That Bind
The Garden Club
The Art In Sport
Lipstick Capers
They Came
The Blacksmith
One-Fourty-One Cream Cowrie Shells
My Instinct Is Infallible, I'm Never Never Wrong
How Good's That
The Golfing Stallards


My people my country
$15 & $2 Post

My People My Country (Book $15)
Aussie Bush Poetry

1. All Present and Correct
2. Gympie Gold
3. We Old Bboys are the Gympians
4. Both Ladies Wore Red
5. Mothers Day
6. Dont Tell Me
7. Final Arrangements
8. Basil
9. Jack Riley - Bushman Game
10. First Day Ppranks at Banks
11. Our Most Precious Gift on Earth
12. Mary Beth McFay
13. We Poets
14. Australian Bushrangers
15. Matthew Brady - Bushranger - Died 1826
16. Dan (Mad Dog) Morgan - (1830-1565)
17. Fred Ward - Captain Thunderbolt (1836-1870)
18. Ben Hall - Bushranger - (1837-1865)
19. Harry Power - Bushranger (1850- 1891)
20. Ned Kelly (1855 - 1880)
21. Boomerang Bill
22. The State School Kids of Gum
23. Prime Ministers
24. Be Honest Be True and Be Fair
25. Pirates of Grade One
26. Shirl's Booby Trap
27. Dum and Dummer
28. A Life of Many Colours
29. Helen Lam Winther
30. They Know Not What They Do
31. Death the Paradox
32. Time
33. My Llife a Jigzaw
34. Why Wait


$10 & $2 Post

Chalk Dust and Bull Dust (Book $10)
Aussie Bush Poetry

1. The Old School Bell's A'Ringing
2. Chalk Dust and Bull Dust
3. My Grandad was a Teacher
4. Nicknames
5. The College Ball
6. Br. Mark - A Short Lived Hero
7. The School Report
8. The Teacher
9. Stall's Steely Stare
10. Edmund Rice
11. Staff Meetings
12. Confession Confusion
13. The Aproned Angels
14. Bush Folk United
15. When Times Get Tough
16. Buckland River Killings
17. The Legend - Jack Stanton
18. Tamworth '98
19. Stand Up You're Aussies
20. We'll Miss Our Mum
21. A Neighbours Cockatoo
22. The Unknown Poet
Love Through Time


John O'Brian
John O'Brien
This pioneer poet-priest (Monsignor Patrick Hartigan) of the early ninteen hundreds, captures vividly the characters and culture of early Australia. Characters to be found in Said Hanrahan and Cooney's Daughter are still with us for while customs might change
human nature does not and John O'Brien is a master of character portrayal.

$25 & $2 Post

"Around the Boree Log"
Aussie Bush Poetry - John O'Brien

(Double CD $25)

1. Around the Booree Log
2. The Little Irish Mother
3. Said Hanrahan
4. Ownerless
5. Thangmalangaloo
6. The Old Mass Shandrydan
7. The Presby'try Dog
8. The Trimmin's on the Rosary
9. Six brown Boxer Hats
10. The Old Bush School
11. The Parting Rosary
12. Ten Little Steps and Stairs
13. Josephine
14. When the Circus Comes to Town
15. Vale, Father Pat

"The Parish of St Mel's"
1. The Durkins
2. The Road to Danaheys
3. The Meeting
4. Firin' on the Eight
5. Cooney's Daughter
6. The Day the Inspector Comes
7. When the "Sut" Drops Down
8. Ten-Twelve Shebang
9. Sittin' Be the Wall
10. Sez She
11. The One Ton Truck


A hundred thousand welcomes
This CD is more of the poetry of John O'Brien. Poems that were not recorded in the first double CD "John O'Brien - Australian Bush Poetry" can be found here. There is no repetition. For those who enjoy our early Australian characters with their bush philosophy
and home spun wisdom this is a CD you will enjoy.

$20 & $2 Post

"A Hundred Thousand Welcomes"
(CD $20)

1. The Pastor of St. Mel's
2. Calling to Me
3. The Tidy Little Body
4. The Casey’s After Mass
5. The Libel
6. Honeymooning From the Country
7. The Careys
8. Currajong
9. My Curate’s Motor-Bike
10. The Field of the Cloth of Gold
11. Old Sister Paul
12. Keep Pushing Your Own Little Barrow
13. The Boy That Cleared Away
14. The Also Started
15. The Thuckeen at the Door
16. A Soldier's Mother — Half-a-Crown
17. Good-Bye and God be Wid Ye



Bruce Simpson
Bruce Simpson

For Drovers who experienced this Australian way of life these poems of Bruce Simpson will provide rich memories of humour and pathos. Bruce does thirteen introductions but his eyesight no longer allows him to read his works so this privilege has gone to Noel.
For most of us who never experienced droving life Bruce will give us an insight into this significant pioneer occupation that is no longer with us.
$20 & $2 Post

"Bruce Simpson - Bush Poetry"
(CD $20)

Introduction by Bruce Simpson

1. The Packhorse Drover
2. Gold Star
3. Simmo the Breaker
4. A Tale of Termites
5. Vale Rusty Reagan
6. Rocky Creek
7. Mick Casey
8. One Man s Policy is Another Mans Poison
9. The Daylight Watch
10. Sam Fuller's Thoroughbrace
11. Lost Youth
12. Moloney's Luck
13. Goodbye Old Chap
14. The Wild Duffers
15. Brumby George in the City
16. Tommy Dodd
17. Looking Glass Joe
18. And Yet Sometimes





Aussie Characters
Be it bush rangers like Ned Kelly or Boomerang Bill, be it the last Anzac like Alex Campbell in All Present & Correct be it our mothers on Mothers' Day or the humour of school kids like Mary Beth McFay or Both Ladies Wore Red, Australians have given me much to laugh at and on which to ponder.
$20 & $2 Post

"Aussie Characters"
(CD $20)

1. Ned Kelly
2. Boomerang Bill
3. All Present and Correct
4. Final Arrangements
5. They Know Not What They Do
6. Mary Beth McFay
7. You'll Win If you Can Grin
8. The Art in Sport
9. The State School Kids of Gum
10. My Instinct is Infallible
11. One—Fortv—One Cream Cowrie Shells
12. The College Ball
13. Mothers Day
14. A Fathers Call
15. What Penelope Put on the Organ
16. I Don't Know
17. Both Ladies Wore Red


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