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Following the success of "The Bush Animals' Band" Noel and Dave "Emo" Emerson have combined their talents again to produce "See what I See in the Sea"
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Noel Stallard - Australian Champion Bush Poet

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Schools, Functions Festivals/Concerts and Conferences

Entertainer and MC for Parties, Birthdays and Special Occasions

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Our Bush Heritage Through Poetry ....

Noel Stallard as John O'Brien dramatically presents poems from "Around the Boree Log" and "The Parish of St Mel's"

Noel's Schools Programme
approved by the QUEENSLAND Arts Council ... Complimenting the curriculum in: Drama, Social Studies, English and History.


(c) 2006 Noel Stallard

Now lipstick was the latest craze with Year 6 girls at school
and to the toilet block they'd go to prove that they were cool.
And when their lips were coloured thick this daring Year 6 class
would then put lipstick kisses on the toilet's mirrored glass.

“It takes me hours to clean this glass”, the janitor complained,
“and next day it's back on again, so nothing's really gained.”
As Principal I pondered on this problem with the glass,
and then decided to the toilets I would march this class.

“Now girls, your lipstick mirror kisses really are quite mean
as it takes Jan our janitor so many hours to clean.
I'll now get Jan to demonstrate what cleaning is involved
and hopefully when you see this our problem will be solved.”

Then Jan picked up the toilet brush gave toilet bowl a rub,
and with the water on the brush gave mirror then a scrub.
Girls' hands went trembling to their lips their eyes on glass transfixed.
And I don't need to tell you folk, that problem then was fixed.


Copyright © 2011 Noel Stallard.
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